Buying Guide for a Wireless Home Security System

A wireless home security system can provide your home and your family with an unparalleled level of protection, by allowing you to remotely monitor all activity in and around your house at your convenience. However, as with any advanced technology, there are some factors that you need to be aware of to make sure that you purchase the most efficient wireless security system and that it functions properly. Knowing this critical information will help you make the right purchasing and installation decisions, so that you can enjoy top level security 24/7.

Range of surveillance

When purchasing a wireless home security system is is important to take advantage of the system’s ability to monitor distant areas of your property, such as the back and front yard. Therefore, you need to make sure that your system covers the entire range of space you are looking to monitor. Also, check to make sure that the chosen system covers all the windows and doors in your house and garage.

Ease of use

One of the most important criteria for choosing the right wireless security system is ease of use. Ideally, you should purchase a system that has a control panel and key pad that can be easily operated by users, and can be quickly located in a designated area within your home. Make sure that you or your family members are able to find the control panel during the day or night, in case of an emergency.

User -friendliness is of utmost importance especially if you have children in the house, or are installing a wireless system for your elderly family member who lives alone. A child of a reasonable age ( 5+ years old) or an elderly person, who may have difficulty moving or responding quickly, should be able to easily locate and press the panic buttons that will alert the authorities.

Buying Guide for a Wireless Home Security System

Professional evaluation and installation

While it is possible to install a wireless home security system yourself, for the most protection, it is best to have a wireless home security company do the job for you. You do not want to end up in a situation where your wireless system will be triggered by the motion of a bird that flies into your front yard. Professionals can efficiently evaluate your home and property, determine its most vulnerable spots, and set the appropriate parameters of surveillance. This way, they will be able to install cameras and other sensors in strategic locations, so that you can get 24/7 monitoring without any interruptions or accidental set-offs.

Signal interference

For your wireless security system to function properly, it is critical to ensure that there is no signal interference from other mechanisms. Your wireless system may be interrupted by other security mechanism from other homes, offices, wireless doorbells, baby monitors, cell phones and many other wireless devices. This interference can create a gap long enough for an accident to take place, or intruders to take advantage of without your awareness. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your home security provider makes any necessary adjustments to take care of interference an tests that the system is clear.

Signal strength

Similar to signal interference, you must ensure that the signal strength of your system is always strong enough to trigger the alarm. It is best to leave it to your home security company to check that the signal strength is appropriate. Also, if your system runs on batteries, you must always keep them fully charged, because a low battery will cause the signal to be low as well.

Advantages of microphones and silent alarms

For maximum security, consider installing microphones in addition to surveillance cameras. A microphone can be highly effective in triggering the alarm in case the noise level goes over the pre-set level.

Another highly effective security mechanism that is becoming increasingly popular is the silent alarm. In case of an intrusion, the alarm silently triggers an alert at the police department. Since the burglars are not aware of any alarms going off, they have less chance to escape before the cops arrive.

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